CosyBoo Pillow

CosyBoo Pillow


The CosyBoo memory foam pillow will transform your sleep, providing you with the ultimate in comfort, especially for side and back sleepers. Our pillows are made using fabric from one of the most certified fibres in the world, SEAQUAL. This high quality yarn is made from recycled materials including plastic captured from the sea. That's why it contributes to preserving natural resources and reducing the waste on our lovely planet.

CosyBoo products are packaged and posted using only recycled or recyclable materials.

Made in the UK to the highest quality specification.


  • Deepsuper soft and breathable memory foam pillow.
  • Medium firmness - suited to side and back sleepers.
  • White SEAQUAL fabric with stylish criss-cross stitch design.
  • Pillowcase not included
  • Clean and free from all harmful or irritant chemicals
  • Fully fire tested and certified, ensuring compliance with the highest fire safety standards


CosyBoo is a SEAQUAL (TM) member.

  • Pillow Dimensions

    770 x 530 mm

    Queen size (slightly larger than standard UK pillow)